Steps to Unfolding Health:

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The National Institute of Health has been quoted as saying that “80% of all medical conditions are caused by stress”,
so by understanding and managing the stressful factors that undermine our health we can begin to take back control. Since we are not given a guide book when we are given a body it is not surprising that we fail to understand the inner workings of the biological system we live in. A simplified version of what we most need to understand would be: When not compromised and side tracked by overwhelming stressors, the body is capable of, and innately programmed toward, self-healing, and will return itself to normalized functioning (where possible). Our job is simply to live as harmoniously with nature as we can in order to allow the body to create the wellness and biological balance we expect of it.

It is our human tendency to mistake the labels and names of various health conditions with the idea that they are understood. This over simplified “reductionism” approach of labeling a disease and then treating it with a single standard protocol fails miserably when applied to any dynamic living system. This system of medicine, although effective in dealing with emergencies, continues to fail us in the areas of degenerative disease rooted in diet, lifestyle and mental, emotional, or physical stress. Furthermore, recent studies have identified this same system of Reductionism as the number one killer in modern society.

The Latin root word for “doctor” is “educator”, which implies that the original intent of a “doctor” was to educate. We all know that this role is no longer assumed and, quite the contrary, you may be in and out of your doctor’s office within minutes, with a prescription in your hand, and none the wiser. This of course is not always the case, but more often than not the role of education is left to the patient. It is also unfortunate that the less educated we are in matters of our health the more likely we are to comply to the attitude that this quick fix, magic bullet, prescriptive form of medicine is the remedy for our health concern. We have been conditioned to think of symptoms and health in terms of “diagnosis and treatment”, which remains, by “self appointment”, the exclusive domain of the “experts”. Sad but true “Our health care system today is calcified by academic arrogance, vested moneyed interests, and a “disease-care” mentality that profits from disease management rather than prevention.”

At the molecular and atomic level all parts of matter work in conjunction with all other parts of the universe. The brain creates an image of reality by combining the already reduced and abstracted information gathered by the nervous system. An image arises out of this combination of new, incoming information and earlier experiences.

Superimposed on all this are the habits formed through education and upbringing on how to view a new stimulus. The brain is programmed to ignore and leave perceptions unnoticed depending on the perceptive habits of the person. When an unexpected conflict shock is experienced the body sets in motion biological programs intendended to help and heal but due to our limited understanding of these gracious programs we instead interfere and sabbotage our body’s natural healing. It is of no surprise our multi-billion dollar medical system is benefiting from this as the population base gets sicker and sicker. Never before has the world experienced such an increase in “disease labels” that are intended to secure “a market” for both pharmaceutical and allopathic interests. There is no apparent interest or understanding of causation.

Within this understanding and spirit I approach all healing. In Biofeedback I am able to interface below conscious perception which addresses the reactivity around stressors; in Bio-Energy Healing I am able to shift energy to area’s needed and in Spiritual Healing I am able to raise an individuals vibration levels to that which will quicken the body’s own healing response and thus resolve.
“Freedom from all that is unresolved” through awareness, understanding and gentle shifts on physical, emotional and spiritual levels evokes the body back into Devine Order and Self-healing. All works towards harmony.
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Pay attention to your thoughts
For they become words,
Pay attention to your words,
For they become actions,
Pay attention to your actions,
For they become habits
Pay attention to your habits,
For they become your personality
Pay attention to your personality
For it becomes your destiny.

Within this spirit I approach all healing. Using my awareness in German New Medicine, Spiritual Disharmony and Biofeedback I am able to interface with the Client and shift reactivity around stressors enabling the emotions to de-charge ”alarms” triggered through memory or familiarity. All works towards harmony.
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Some simplified energy talk:

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from the whole picture and assume to ascribe meaning to it separate from that larger picture. Even though we are conditioned to think in the very linear terms of cause and effect, we must understand that our perception is limited, and partial, and we must reserve judgment regarding ultimate causation. We must also allow that what is most significant is not likely known by the conscious mind.

Experiments involving Kirlian photography of a living leaf with a segment of the leaf cut off revealed that the energy field around the leaf remained 100% intact. (Kirlain photography can capture an image of the energy fields surrounding living things.) This would seem to indicate that the field somehow “pre-exists” the organism, and functions in some manner as a developmental template, both guiding and sustaining the leaf’s growth. This is especially exemplified by the seed of an oak tree displaying, with Kirlain photography, the energy field of the complete and mature tree it could someday become. Biologists understand that the DNA holds the information for the inherited characteristics of a plant or animal, acting as the road map for development. But it seems likely that the Human Energy Field orchestrates the process, holding the templates for the DNA to manifest into. This is called our auric field.
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Like any biological system the Human Energy Field (HEF) responds to signals by either being attracted or repelled. “This is part of nature’s survival programming which guides all life forms down to the simplest single-cell organisms. Observe an amoeba under a microscope and you will see it move toward food or prey, and instantly recoil when it becomes food or prey. In humans, the reactive response is as functionally simple, yet is complicated by the many mental, emotional and other conditioning factors that can impact our ability to react appropriately. However, it is this reactive ability that is the true intelligence behind this particular Biofeedback’s testing process. At the speed of reactivity of 1/100th of a second the program challenges the body and its energy field with over 9000 potential stressors, and simply records the degree of reactivity toward or away from each item. It then categorizes the information amongst various computer screen panels for ease of viewing. The device also registers and records our body electric, its voltage, resistance and amperage, to list a few.
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How is therapy delivered:

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Since we are all self-healing systems and since a body in disharmony is a body with trauma blocking life energy flow, the methods I use in Bioenergy Healing, Spiritual Healing and Biofeedback  all encourage realignment in body, mind, and spirit to aid the body in recognizing and remembering the coherent and healthy energy patterns which, in turn, gently guide it back to health.

Many agree that illness and disease most likely occur first as a change in the energy field (the template) which is then followed by changes in the physical body. Trauma, unexpected conflict are within this scope and evoke natural biological programs. We must look beyond the mere physical symptoms into understanding and awareness of body responses. We tend to understand that a disease of the body can affect our mental state and also that a disease of the mind can affect the body. The next step would be to appreciate how the imbalances created in our energy fields can affect the whole of our being, be they physical, mental/emotional, or spiritual.

Generally, the steps taken by medicine at this point are to suppress the emerging symptoms, further derailing and delaying our return to homeostasis and self responsibility. We happily play along in full denial, understanding or awareness of the evolutionary mechanisms, external programming and spiritual accountability that are ours to evoke in returning naturally to states of well-being and optimal health!

It is my sincere intention to guide you back to holistic wellness.


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