My client testimonials are all verifiable and supported by phenomenal shifts in health and well-being from personal accounts. My success lies in working on the bio-terrain from a spiritual healing perspective; flowing into holistic body balancing. Most of my clients have been chronic and all experience profound levels of well-being after their sessions. Some of these testimonials include healing from/through: Bacterial Infections, Severe Tremors / Thyroid Issues, Eye Injuries, High Blood Pressure, Low Back Discomfort and Numbness in Leg, Vitals / Heart Rate, Diarrhea, Detox, Deep Cough, Car Accident / Injury to Neck and Shoulders, Toothache, Anger Issues, Anxiety, Desire To Feel Relaxed, Moodiness/Irrational Thoughts, Relationship Issues, Depression, Tension and Stress, Prescription Drug Use, Desire To Live In The Moment, Migraines/Dizzy/Skin.
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For YEARS AND YEARS I have had an itchy eczema patch on the back of my head which expressed in varying degrees of size and irritation. Recently this had extended into both ears. Since treatment with Cheryl this irritation has decreased 90% and I know will continue to dissipate. Absolutely Great!! Thank you Cheryl!
Debbie (Registered Nurse)
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My experience with Cheryl and neuro-biofeedback have been amazing and life changing. Cheryl has a gift with knowing every element of you as a person - from your emotional health to spiritual and physical health. You don't even have to say a word - she knows even sometimes before you know it yourself. She helps to change the way you live your life and the outlook you have on it to a more positive one. Things or experiences that may have bothered and troubled you before with her counciling seem to just roll off your shoulders. She retrains your mind and body to help you choose a more healthy and positive way of living life to the happiest and fullest possible! I don't even want to think of where I may be without her and her gift! Thanks for all you do Cheryl!!!
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I came to see Cheryl as my daughter (Massage Therapist) recommended . I had been struggling with pain in my right hip for over a year and a half and could not resolve it. I went to Cheryl and immediately at the end of the session the pain was gone and has not returned over a month later. I am thrilled and- another bonus, my sleep has improved immeasurably!
J. Mollison
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Indie, my large beautiful black Retriever was recently diagnosed with Cancer of the Lymph Glands (January 2012) and was given a dire outcome. After many many visits to his vet over the following months there was little improvement. In exasperation, I brought Indie to see Cheryl (in July) when I heard from a friend that she had helped him and many many others (animals and humans alike). Indie was left with Cheryl for an hour and afterwards I noted that Indie seemed especially happy. In fact the happiness continued into playing with my other dog- which he had lost all interest in; and, best of all he started eating, and eating, and eating where before I had tried everything to get his weight up. Two weeks after the session with Cheryl Indie went to the Boundary Bay Clinic where Indie’s Vet was totally surprised to see that Indie’s white blood count went from 2.9 to it’s highest recorded level ever: 4.00! He had no explanation for this and as well marveled that Indie’s weight went from 37 kg to 40.4 kg! There is no other explanation for this vast improvement as nothing was changed except the healing session from Cheryl. I am thrilled that Indie has moved into this new place! Thank YOU!
Rhegan P.
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In the fall of 2011 I had 2 tragic life changing events happen in a very short period of 3 months. These events severely added to my level of stress and compounded the fact that every time my son became ill I would have anxiety attacks over his condition due to a near death experience we had with him as a baby. I tried for 4 months to deal with it myself as I believed “it was all in my head” and I was once “normal”. Therefore I should be able to get back to that state and start to enjoy my life and look forward to holidays again. As the winter months passed my anxiety became worse as I would worry about the attacks returning, not being able to control my tremors or slow my thoughts down in order to sleep. I would worry about everything and anything and pretty soon my hands and legs would begin to shake. I started taking some herbal medications but took to the internet to research anxiety and stress. I found an article about bio-energy and started searching for bio-energy healers around my hometown. Cheryl’s name came up and I sent her an e-mail requesting a visit. I was apprehensive as to what to expect, having read most of the testimonial’s, I refused to get my hopes up if only I were to be disappointed later. Well, I was far from disappointed. Cheryl was able to calm my mind, relax my nerves and clear up other minor blockages in my system that had been there for years. I believe her healing to be genuine and real. She uses your own body’s energy to heal itself and since my body has started working for me rather than against me my attacks have almost diminished completely. I am able to plan holidays, and look forward to them. I can deal with the pressures of my job without having an attack. As for my son’s illness’ I also have taken them to see Cheryl and my youngest, with the health problems, has had his breathing issues resolved, discovered self confidence and had improvements in his speech impairment. My oldest son is not acting out in anger but dealing with his emotions through words and communicating better with his brother rather than fighting. His school teacher had commented on his ability to now focus longer on his school projects and have the patience to write short stories which before would be 3 sentences. I have had 3 treatments with Cheryl and look forward to one more for follow up. I have found a new base to start my days with and am much calmer in my action\reactions. I firmly believe that if I had not found Cheryl and experienced her healing that my doctor would have had me on a prescribed medication by now. I have recommended Cheryl to all my family and friends and there have been 7 that have seen her so far also with profound results and exclamations of “she’s the real thing”
Tammy McLachlan
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As you know, I discovered a mass in my left breast on the 10th Dec this year. It concerned me as I knew it was fairly new. I didn't know how long it was there for because I don't do routine breast self exams. I noticed it because the skin was red over that spot as well. I'm perimenopausal so I don't have monthly hormonal fluctuations which could create cysts. You gave me a session subspace on the 12 Dec and by the 15th I could barely feel it, the redness gone. You gave me another session on the 19th. I've included an ultrasound picture from 11 Dec of the mass. It demonstrates mostly benign signs except it's not completely clear (the black area in the center of the picture) and there are multiple large arteries and veins converging on and around it. That was a concern. The second picture is from the 18 Dec showing the (black) mass now very small and the vessels much smaller and less numerous. Even if this mass was a benign cyst, it would not have resolved so quickly on it's own. Knowing that this mass was the result of an emotional conflict I was working through (German New Medicine), and with your biofeedback assistance on downgrading this conflict as well as supporting my body, and resolving this mass, I am entirely grateful to you. Thank you. I wish more people would open their minds to energy medicine. It's amazing.
Sincerely, MDC
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About the only thing you can't do is ignore them. Because they change things.
John Appleseed